Marketing Funnels for Promoting Digital Products

Marketing funnels or simply funnels are the backbone of an online business. With them, the prospect enters the funnel and goes through a series of steps which helps in warming up the lead. That way a cold prospect will get to interact better with your company and get to know you better.

People purchase from people and marketing funnels help greatly in warming up a prospect. There are a lot of funnel building tools out there, some include – clickfunnels, leadpages, Infusionsoft, and much more. If you’re not interested in using any of these, you can use wordpress plugins to do the job but for the latter you need to have a website hosted on the wordpress platform.

Russell Brunson’s product clickfunnels is one of the better tools which serves the purpose. It’s not just a marketing funnel builder, it also has an autoresponder built in which sends/receives emails on your behalf.

You can be up and running with clickfunnels within minutes. Just log in, select the purpose of your marketing funnel from a list of options, make edits and BAM you’re ready.

They also have a great website builder with which you can ditch your web hosting companies and host it all on clickfunnels which is one of the better marketing suites out there in the market. It easily gets other suites beat in terms of competency, price and in other features. Fast loading times, industry grade inbuilt templates which take minutes to set up, autoresponder service second to none. You don’t need the combination of web designers, web hosting providers, autoresponder services APIs and all that stuff anymore! We absolutely loved the software and this review helped us decide.

Make a killing buying solo ads

Most people don’t do what works because it’s not so easy.

  1. You need a good marketing budget, $100 for solo ads as an example.
  2. Be persistent, buy one solo ad every 7 days

So that’s 4 times in one month or 400 per month budget to start with. You can cut on other stuff and save for your ad as you need to invest in yourself to get results (email list is a great asset).

3. Send solo ad clicks to an opt-in/capture page where you’d be collecting the leads. Money is in the email list, you need an autoresponder sequence for the best results.

If you receive an average 50% opt-in rate, that’s roughly 200 new prospects every month.

4. Send at least 1 email/broadcast to your brand new email list after it touches 3000 subscribers (share products and services you recommend)

5. Re-invest some of your profits into buying more solo ads, that’s money making money for you. Rinse and repeat. Within an year, your business will pay for itself.

Paid Traffic Sources I use –

After watching this video, I tried

Got great results with him, my go to solo ad provider. I don’t buy from directories, most are just a paid medium for solo ad providers to advertise on, and are hardly honest. You can’t go wrong with directories like Udimi but it’s better to work one on one with an established vendor in the industry.

Apart from solo ads, I use these for my list-building –

Free Sources –

There are no secrets or shortcuts! If you stick to the process, you’ll make it eventually. The only thing that is stopping you so far is your mindset. Think like you have no limits and you’ll have no limits. 🙂

To Your Success,

EDP Team